In this page you can find all the updates and news.
Mixtags is a Perpetual Beta Service. ?

02 May 2014
new version of readlist section, groups of tags

02 May 2014
new dialog box for share your links

19 Apr 2014
Tags replace Bookmarks in main menu

03 Feb 2014
few bug fixes in edit bookmark dialog

03 Jan 2014
new layout fullscreen mode useful in mobile device

30 Dec 2013
now Mixtags has in addition URL Shortener

28 Dec 2013
title suggestion by url in Add New page

19 Dec 2013
restyle menu for mobile device

16 Dec 2013
amazing functionality related tags, automatic tags suggestion of same topic

14 Dec 2013
new tool allow grouping links by site name

12 Dec 2013
new feature that allow to copy bookmark's address to the clipboard in one click

09 Dec 2013
new suggested tags automatically generated when adding new bookmark

07 Dec 2013
new Chrome Extension is the best way to save your bookmarks in Mixtags.

25 Nov 2013
new responsive capabilities for to support mobile devices

19 Nov 2013
added most popular tags in Bookmarks Statistics, find on Tools section.

18 Nov 2013
New section Bookmarks Statistics with statistics about your bookmarks and tags.

17 Nov 2013
Added new button Preview with which you can load a preview of bookmark.

14 Nov 2013
New useful feature allow to export data and send it by email, find on Tools section

14 Nov 2013
Now you can keep track of all your exported data via the export history that is in the the Tools section

09 Nov 2013
New feature Read Later which allow to store new links on a dedicated page to consult and then save them as bookmarks or delete

08 Oct 2013
automatic suggestion of the title while typing url in Add New page

05 Oct 2013
Published new section Widgets, with some of our Mixtags useful toys for mobile users and publishers.

03 Oct 2013
Created new Bookmarklet button, the easy way for add new or edit tags and bookmarks in

03 Oct 2013
Now all dates in bookmarks has more friendly words, for human ;-)

02 Oct 2013
Restyle of user menu and added new voice +Add New, to simply add new bookmark and tag it without bookmarlet button

30 Sep 2013
Added new Save Page: that is an easy way to build a precompiled form to save or edit bookmarks in Mixtags through a link from other websites

29 Sep 2013
Added new page changelog